Website Solutions

At Administrative Management Services we well recognize the importance of a solid, well thought out and implemented web presence for your organization. The web is now and now is the time to harness your organization's potential to showcase your services, publications and/or products. More and more association members rely on the your organizations website to transmit vital information to keep them informed and networked within your society. Whether it is offering your membership directory online, hosting your association's conference information and online registration, regularly sending eblast communications to your members and/or disseminating your publications electronically within a secure environment, etc., AMS is poised to communicate and showcase your organization electronically to the world. We know what works and what does not in the fast paced hi-tech arena. Our information technology specialists will build, support and maintain your association's website utilizing the most current and secure applications in our data processing center.

On the page linked below, you will find descriptions and pricing for some of our most popular services. These prices do not reflect any package deals that we may offer specific clients. Administrative Management Services will be pleased to work with you and your organization to provide packages and prices that meet your organization's budget and requirements.

Our key services evolve around Website Development. Though more technical in nature, please visit this link to acquaint yourself with these services that can enhance your organization's presence on the web.