Database Maintenance

At the heart of every organization lies a database. It is from the database that such things as membership/subscriber mailing lists, website online membership listings, financial reports, and conference registration tracking are performed. At AMS we have conceptualized, designed and programmed our own association and conference management software system. Expert care is given to your data processing needs. For example, mailing lists are updated daily to provide an "evergreen" membership/subscriber list. Further, we can immediately give you the answers to such questions as where a member is located and what his/her specialization's and background may be. Our on-line association management database further makes updates to your data a breeze wherein either the administrator or member can update designated information. Whatever information you need on a member, whether small or highly detailed and secure, our state of the art computerized system can provide it quickly, and on demand. Starting with our base system, we can tailor-make your membership database to suit most any need.

Membership development is crucial to the success of your organization. At AMS we not only house your database, but have access to hundreds of other organizations' lists, many of which may have members who are interested in your services and/or publications. We pride ourselves on generating new leads and members for your association. Membership mailings are done quickly and efficiently in a manner that is highly traceable so that you can quickly see the rate of response.

Many of AMS' association clients have found placing their member and or conference database online in a secure environment offers enhanced integrated services to their members. Dynamic web-based databases, as they are called, can not only increase your association's productivity, they can lower your overall cost to maintain your data. For example, a member can join or renew their membership online by credit card whereby funds are direct deposited to your bank account. The same database creates your publication mailing addresses, email addresses for membership email campaigns and drives renewal dues invoice generation. All one package, tied to one dynamic web-based database.