At Administrative Management Services (AMS) we recognize that all membership associations have a common thread: to disseminate information in a timely fashion, hold regular scheduled meetings and to do so in a cost effective manner. At AMS our top priority is to provide superior services and publications to members at reasonable prices. Our emphasis is two-fold: First we keep in close contact with your Board of Directors, closely working with them on projects/services they feel will benefit the organization as a whole. Second, we stress cost control on every job we do. It is our belief that in today's rapidly changing economy and online business environment, those in association & conference management must constantly bid jobs such as printing and mailing or web development projects to continually receive the best quality service at an affordable price. At AMS we can be as involved in your organization as you like. Whether it be producing a regular publication and mailing same, developing your associations website/hosting same or acting as a full service association or conference management firm, we have the complete capabilities to provide you with consistent, superior results, job after job, year after year.

Administrative Management Services has a seasoned 35 years of association management background and expertise. AMS is highly regarded in the field of conference and association management for providing solid administration with consistent results. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, AMS manages both national and international associations. Cleveland is an ideal place for an association management firm as the city provides a wealth of technology and services needed for the production and mailing of newsletters, journals, hosting & developing websites and/or holding conferences. Further, Cleveland's costs are far less than most other metropolitan cities. AMS is able to pass savings resulting from these lower costs directly on to you, the client.

A prospective client of AMS should keep one thing in mind: We are a full service conference and association management company and can become as active in your professional organization as you wish. AMS can provide virtually any service an association desires; and it is clearly understood and appreciated that you, as the professional society, have the flexibility to pick and choose from the many services AMS provides.