Financial Management

Our main goal at AMS is to provide you and your members with quality services and/or products at an affordable, reasonable cost. One of our main objectives is to generate funds for your professional organization; we do this through consistent cost controls. During our many years in business we have built a solid network of suppliers. Our good relations with and the volume of work we bring our suppliers provide us with the best possible prices. We are able to pass these savings along to our clients. We can honestly say we have never managed a client that has lost money. One question we are continually asked is "how do you keep our financial growth up?"

Financial management is key in an association. Monthly income/expense reports are generated and reported quickly to appropriate individuals. AMS will work with your Board to develop sound budgets and then assist with the actions that will bring them to fulfillment. We can collect all your income from its various sources and process all payments, as well as maintain bank accounts and investment instruments. AMS is up-to-date with non-profit rules and IRS filing requirements. We can arrange annual audits and file all appropriate documents with local, state and federal agencies. At AMS, we have a reputation for paying attention to detail which, in turn, increases your bottom line. It is our job to ensure the financial stability of your association.